I'm trying to convert the below SQL query to HQL and am having a few issues. A straight line by line conversion doesn't work, I am wondering if I should be using an Inner Join in the HQL?

        SELECT (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(cosc1.change_date) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(cosc2.change_date)) 
        FROM customer_order_state_change cosc1  
        LEFT JOIN customer_order_state cos1_new on cosc1.new_state_id = cos1_new.customer_order_state_id  
        LEFT JOIN customer_order_state cos1_old on cosc1.old_state_id = cos1_old.customer_order_state_id  
        LEFT JOIN customer_order_state_change cosc2 on cosc2.customer_order_id = cosc1.customer_order_id  
        LEFT JOIN customer_order_state cos2_new on cosc2.new_state_id = cos2_new.customer_order_state_id  
        LEFT JOIN customer_order_state cos2_old on cosc2.old_state_id = cos2_old.customer_order_state_id 
        WHERE cos1_new.name = "state1" AND  cos2_new.name = "state2" and cosc2.change_date < "2008-11-06 09:00" 
AND cosc2.change_date > "2008-11-06 06:00" GROUP BY cosc1.change_date, cosc2.change_date ;

Query returns time in seconds between state changes for a customer order.

The state names and dates are dynamically inserted into the query.

Edit: Just tried this

"SELECT (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(cosc1.changeDate) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(cosc2.changeDate))" + 
        " FROM" + 
        " " + CustomerOrderStateChange.class.getName() + " as cosc1" +
        " INNER JOIN " + CustomerOrderStateChange.class.getName() +  " as cosc2" +
        " WHERE cosc1.newState.name = ?" +
        " AND cosc1.order.id = cosc2.order.id" + 
        " AND cosc2.newState.name = ?" +
        " AND cosc2.changeDate < ?" +
        " AND cosc2.changeDate > ?" + 
        " GROUP BY cosc1.changeDate, cosc2.changeDate";

and received exception"outer or full join must be followed by path expression"


Typically you HQL joins are specified using the property on the object, eg, if class Foo and Bar and Foo.bar is of type Bar, then from Foo f inner join f.bar as b is the join. As far as I know, there's no way of performing a self-join in HQL (I could be wrong here).

That said, Hibernate allows you to write (slightly enhanced) SQL queries with session.createSQLQuery(...).

  • Can you provide a link or something to the "slightly enhanced" syntax support for SQL queries? – Jason Kleban Mar 11 '11 at 17:08

Ended up changing to use native SQL and a PreparedStatement as it seems that Hibernate's session.createSQLQuery() will only work for Managed Entities.

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