I am using vimperator for firefox and it works well on most websites. However for webogram there is a conflict on the Enter key when focusing on the message box. When I press Enter, it seems vimperator intercept the event and add a newline character, while originally it should be the trigger to send the message inputed.

I tried temporarily disable vimperator with the Insert key, then everything works well. However, I want to have other features like hints of vimperator enabled normally. So the best way to solve the conflict seems to be disabling the Enter key binding for this website.

I expect something like:

scoped_iunmap web.telegram.org <CR>

Is there a way I can achieve the effect like that? Thanks.


I have found a temporary solution for this requirement.

ignorekeys add web\\.telegram\\.org -except o,t,T,O,<C-l>,f,F,:

The frequently used bindings are preserved, add in the -except list as you wish.

This is not very elegant and I'm still looking for a better solution :)


I'd recommend the feed some keys vimperator plugin. It sounds like it's the perfect match for what you want. Unfortunately the docs for it might be a little out of date. Here's how I use it on github.com, duckduckgo.com, and feedly.com:

command! -nargs=+ lazy autocmd VimperatorEnter .* <args>
lazy fmaps -u='github\.com/[^/]+/.+' -events=vkeydown s,t gc gi gp gw
lazy fmaps -u='duckduckgo\.com/\?q=' -events=vkeydown l j k <enter> s,d gm,m gt,t
lazy fmaps -u='feedly\.com' j k v A m s

Basic installation:

  1. Install the feedSomeKeys_3.js file in ~/.vimperator/plugin.
  2. Install the _libly.js file in ~/.vimperator/plugin.
  3. Add your fmaps to your ~/.vimperatorrc file.
  4. Restart your browser.
  5. Dance! (Technically this is optional.)

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