How to access OneDrive’s notification status in C#

On my Win 7 PC, OneDrive has an icon in the Notification / Tool Bar Area .

Hovering over the OneDrive notification icon, I get the following status messages:-

  • OneDrive is “up to date”
  • OneDrive is “Looking for changes”
  • OneDrive is “Uploading 27mb of 346mb, 27 files remaining”

Is it possible to query this status from C#?

I am specifically interested to know when the OneDrive is “up to date” or not.

I would like to write a ShutDown routine for my PC that will check the status of the OneDrive. If the OneDrive is not “up to date” I can then code a "wait" to provide enough time for any new or changed files to get uploaded to the remote cloud server.

Many thanks in advance for any help with this.

  • C# or vb.net, skynet or onedrive? Make up your mind
    – Icepickle
    Nov 3, 2014 at 23:08
  • I attempted pretty much the same thing with Google Drive, it is one of the few rare occasions i've completely given up and had to take a new approach. It is apparently possible to enumerate the tray icons to do such polling, but i'll be damned if i could get it working. Extreme headache i'm afraid. PS: If anybody does have a solution to this, i'm all ears :)
    – Spark
    Nov 3, 2014 at 23:39

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Don't know if this will work for you or not, but take a look at this CodeProject source (it's C++) that enumerates the notification icons and their tooltips. You'll have to figure out how to map that to C#, but if you get the API calls you need to make from the C++ code, you shouldn't have too much trouble mapping them to P/Invoke calls.


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