I've just been messing around with setting a password protected directory on my webserver (so as to store hot copies of backups etc.) and was wondering if there's any way I may be able to style the password prompt that appears when a user attempts to access this page.

screenshot of the default prompt

As it stands nobody will notice my nice little note, which makes me sad.

my prompt

It seems to display similarly to a standard .js alert, though I've been unable to find a way to specify any css classes I may be able to alter, as the "alert" box does not show up in devtools, just the page bahind it:

screenshot of html source

Any advice / tips would be greatly appreciated.


You can't edit the authentication login box itself, it's different for every browser and its implemented as part of the browser's internals (for example, a snippet of Chrome's Code dealing with the Login Title: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/codesearch#chromium/src/chrome/app/generated_resources.grd&q=%22Authentication%20Required%22&sq=package:chromium&type=cs&l=3552).

What you can do is to create a custom php login page (with popover if you want) to display:

Redirect 401 "authorization required page" to custom page

Custom Login with htaccess through HTML/PHP

Replace Htaccess popup box with a html form?

  • Thanks, this sorted it out for me! Great workaround. – Tainted Nov 5 '14 at 0:39

Add this to .htaccess

ErrorDocument 401 /401.html

Then in your root directory (where your index.html is) make your own 401.html file. If you want to make the login work, however, you'll need a server side language like PHP.

  • Please note that this only shows the 401 Unauthorized page after the user enters an incorrect input. It does not modify the Alert dialog. – Bijan Nov 4 '14 at 23:56

From how to change the style of alert box, you cannot change the style of an alert box unless you make your own Alert Dialog (See Here for an example)

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