In stylus, when trying to make mixins with transform translate() - or any other multipart rules...

I get: "Maximum stylus call stack size exceeded at "

    transform scale(n)

    transform scale(arguments)

(tried a bunch of stuff...)

Here is an example CodePen


Yep, if you're trying to produce the value with the same function as the one you're calling, you should output it literally, like this:

  transform 'scale(%s)' % n

This way it would output the ident entity and won't call the scale function, so there won't be any infinite loops.


This is what I found. I had made mixins for each, but I forgot that they override each other. So, this seems like the best option for me.

  transform: value

  background red
  width 3rem
  height 3rem
  transform( translate(20%,20%) scale(1.2) rotate(98deg) )

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