When i use

new XStream().toXml(someObject);

it returns following xml...

        <isOwnershipVerified class="boolean">false</isOwnershipVerified>

and, when i use

new XStream(new JsonHierarchicalStreamDriver()).toXml(someObject);

it returns following json...

{"response": {
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "isOwnershipVerified": {
    "@class": "boolean""false"}

Now, since i want to get rid of class attribute altogether (read it not to alias it with anything else, but to remove it) i use following code.

    XStream xStream = new XStream();
    StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
    xStream.marshal(this, new PrettyPrintWriter(writer) {
        public void addAttribute(final String key, final String value)
            if (!key.equals("class"))
                super.addAttribute(key, value);
    return writer.toString();

which gives follwing xml...


but, when i pass new JsonHierarchicalStreamDriver() while xStream object creation above, it does NOT return json. it returns the same xml shown above.

What is wrong going on here?

Thanks in advance...


i figured it out...

instead of using

new PrettyPrintWriter(writer) ...


new JsonHierarchicalStreamWriter(writer)

and the things will start working as expected... :D

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