Where is the documentation for quartz xml files (specifically jobs.xml)? I found the javadoc online, but I can't seem to find the documentation for how to write an xml file, just some brief examples e.g. this one from O'Reilly.

edit: apparently the java class that reads the jobs.xml is JobInitializationPlugin, but I don't see the docs for the xml format there either.


This is really poorly documented. Beyond the brief mention at the OpenSymphony site, the only documentation comes in the form of a Document Type Definition (DTD) and an XML Schema. If you're familiar with these formats, you can use them to figure out what tags are available.

If you download the full Quartz distribution, they are located at /quartz/src/main/resources/org/quartz/xml/. You can also find them inside of quartz-1.7.3.jar at /org/quartz/xml/. The files are named job_scheduling_data_1_5.dtd and job_scheduling_data_1_5.xsd.

  • thanks. this is really surprising; I thought Quartz is widely used. – Jason S Apr 22 '10 at 16:02

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