I am writing some automated tests and im having some problems when it comes to browser variations. The Golem framework allows me to enter all browsers i would like to test via the app.config. My tests run beautifully in chrome but have some small issues with finding elements in Firefox and IE. I am wanting to maybe write a if/then statement or switch statement to run a different method when 'X' browser is under test. I cannot seem to find a reliable way to get the current browser version via selenium or the Golem framework.

I have seen examples of driver.ExecuteJavaScript("return navigator.userAgent;"); but this is not working with IE11. It has no mention of 'MSIE' or 'Microsoft'.

Also maybe i could look at the [Setup] method that is looping through the different browsers? Im not sure where to look for that. Im running the tests with ProtoTest TestRunner plugin in VS2013

  • I'm a Java guy, but does C# have something like driver instanceof FirefoxDriver? – SiKing Nov 5 '14 at 20:39
  • @SiKing depending your need I guess typeOf or Is will help. – Saifur Nov 6 '14 at 17:20

I actually ended up downloading the source code for the Golem framework and added a new method to return the browser version that the driver is using. Recompiled the dll and replaced it in my existing project. Works like a champ

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