In Intellij 13 the main code window showed all my open classes (their names flowed onto multiple lines), but now in Intellij 14 it shows a little dropdown and only shows them on one line. Is there a setting I can change to get it to flow to multiple lines again?


In Preferences, under Editor > General > Editor Tabs, untick the "Show tabs in single row" option.

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    For anyone who is wondering how to get "Preferences", press ctrl + alt + s Feb 11 '19 at 12:33

IntelliJ IDEA 15

  • File > Settings... or press Ctrl + Alt + S

    File Settings

  • Editor > General > Editor Tabs > Show tabs in single row

    Editor General Editor Tabs Show tabs in single row

    If your work with a small number of file types, I recommend you to check the Hide file extension in editor tabs, too. I usually work with Java and XML files and I can easily recognize them because only the Java file names are in camel case.


Open Files ->Settings ->Editor -> General ->Editor Tabs->check show tables in a single row option

you can also choose other options like hiding tabs etc....

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