I am trying to install the typesafe activator (scala, AKKA, play framework, activator)

I have Yosemite OSX

My bash is Oh my ZSH

I already have JDK 1.7, installed and exported

I downloaded and unzipped the file "typesafe-activator-1.2.10-minimal". Finally I put the export path on my ~/.zshrc

but when I type activator on the terminal it prints that cant find the file

thank you


get HomeBrew. play documentation says this : Play install on mac

But there have been some changes to that. Now you have to do this.

Try this:

brew install typesafe-activator

And then use activator command to start it


I made a big mistake, In the ~/.zshrc where I should put

export PATH=$PATH:/relativePath/to/activator

I added the executable file to the path. I post this answer in case is helpful for someone else.


For people like me, who are reading this in 2019 and unable to find activator recipee in homebrew, be informed that activator has been decommissioned

Good news is, it's fairly simple to create new templates (including templates for play, akka etc.) with sbt new command and Giter8 templates.


Open terminal and follow the below steps,

mkdir ~/bin

ln -s <path to your play home>/activator ~/bin

echo "export PATH=~/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc

. ~/.bashrc

export PATH=$PATH:/Users/XXX/XXX/activator-dist-1.3.12/bin
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