I created my app on my MacBook Air and kept working with it there which was fine. Then I started working with a colleague who used another Mac (of course). Anyway, we share our Xcode project via Dropbox (we are just switching to BitBucket, don't worry ;) ), when he tried to open the project on his Mac there was a Apple LLVM 6.0 Error with the following error while on my computer the same project runs perfectly:

clang: error: no such file or directory: '/Users/linus/Dropbox/Apps/My App/Projekt/My App/SlideMenu/SlideMenu-Prefix.pch' clang: error: no input files

Command /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/clang failed with exit code 1

The last lines of the error seem most important to me which is why I listed them here.

I do know this question was asked several times now but there was never a useful answer which worked for me. I tried to disable the Foundation Assertions as it said in another answer on this topic but that did not work. Also I restarted & even reinstalled Xcode and all files are existing, none should be missing.

I am running Xcode 6.0.1 and Mac OS X 10.10. I hope someone can answer this, I'm kind of desperate now...


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Hey I just ran into the same problem. Basically I deleted my tests target. I found this:

Errors When Compiling iOS 8, Xcode 6.0.1

Which basically says that:

Click on the name of your project on the list of files/folders on the left in Xcode (at the very top of the list). Look at the "Targets" section on the left-hand side of the window to the right. Likely, there's two listed with the second being a "test" item. Right-click on that item and select "delete". Then try to run the project again. See screenshot below for a visual cue.

And a picture to help you out:

Screenshot Hope this helps!

EDIT: Also in the tests target, I actually found that I didn't necessarily need to delete it, there was a broken path, just fixing it makes it all work again.

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    LOL, happy to help :)
    – jalagrange
    Nov 9, 2014 at 17:56
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    Any idea how to fix this if you don't have a test target?
    – mikeLspohn
    May 15, 2015 at 19:50
  1. Make new file: ⌘cmd+N
  2. iOS/Mac > Other > PCH File > YourProject-Prefix.pch.
  3. Project > Build Settings > Search: "Prefix Header".
  4. Under "Apple LLVM 6.0" you will get the Prefix Header key
  5. Type in: "YourProjectName/YourProject-Prefix.pch"
  6. Clean project: ⌘cmd+⇧shift+K
  7. Build project: ⌘cmd+B

Solved this by going to my project settings and changing the deployment target. The deployment target was originally at 7.0. When i changed it from iOS 8.0 -> 9.1 it works fine and there is no error.

enter image description here

Hope that helps :)


You do not need to delete the overall build settings. Just change the Library Search Paths, here are the steps:

  1. Click on your project name (very top of the navigator)
  2. Click on your project target
  3. Click the tab Build Settings
  5. Change its value to $(inherited) flag.

Here you go!

Or else you can always remove the build setting at all! Cheers!


One of the simple things I did I went into "Build Options" and changed the property for Enable Bitcode from yes to no

This fixed my issue.

Screenshot of Settings


clang can't locate your precompiled header file. Have you checked whether there is a file named SlideMenu-Prefix.pch in /Users/linus/Dropbox/Apps/My App/Projekt/My App/ ? The path to the precompiled header file is specified by the "Prefix Header" build setting for your target.


Try, In Xcode project settings, Targets-> Tests section-> Build Settings->Linking remove all linkig

OR Remove Tests Section as a whole.

Build again and Its done!!

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