I've been using Sublime Text for a little while now (on MacBook Pro), and want to make it keystroke compatible with the shell.

In the shell, to jump to the beginning/end of line I press fn+Left/fn+Right.

In Sublime Text, I understand how to set up key bindings for fn+Left/fn+Right, but I see no key name for the fn key (not the f1, f2, etc. function keys, I am referring to the key marked "fn").

How can I make this work in Sublime Text?


I guess I was making it too hard on myself.

  1. the fn button does not have a key name in Sublime Text.
  2. fn+Left/fn+Right is read as Home/End. Simply mapping Home and End did the job.


Sublime Text | Preferences | Key Bindings - User
  1. Add the following between the [ ]:

    { "keys": ["home"], "command": "move_to", "args": { "to": "hardbol" } },
    { "keys": ["end"], "command": "move_to", "args": { "to": "hardeol" } }

I discovered this by opening up the SublimeText console:


Now, typing any keys reveal their Sublime Text key names. fn did not elicit a response, but fn+Left/fn+Right yielded Home/End.


Hope that helps.

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For me(on MBP):

cmd and left worked as Home

cmd and Right worked as End

Without changing any configuration in Preferences.

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