I'm using the newest Add-In (1.2.3) but when I try to view the values inside a QVector (Qt 5.3.2) it says 0 (error). It was still working in Qt 4.8.4. Does anyone have a working visualizer for VS2012?

The code for the autoexp.dat in the gitorious repository still says "4.6":

; QVector, QStack
; By default, this visualizer supports only Qt 4.6.x. ...

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If you use qt5 with Visual Studio Add-In you don't need the autoexp.dat any longer. Make sure to disable debugger option "Enable native Edit and Continue" (menu -> options -> debugging -> Edit and Continue) to use the xml-based native vis definitions in [qt5.natvis] (https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/vstools/source/803678eef900077c5047afc2ab2999f7bf08f6db:tools/Qt4EEAddin/qt5.natvis)

This question (Visual studio 2012 and Qt4.8.5 : How to see QString contents in debug mode.) has qt4 title, but is later on related to qt5 with visual studio 2012 and might be interesting for you as well.

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