I know that the common way to use iBeacons even if the app was killed is to use Monitoring (for example, monitor a region defined by a UUID) and when didEnterRegion is called start Ranging for iBeacons (to fetch each beacon's major and minor).

Did anyone tried running a Corebluetooth scanForPeripheralsWithServices instead of Ranging? This won't give the major & minor - iOS hides the iBeacon identifiers (uuid, major & minor) from the Corebluetooth API. However, it can give other information that the non-standard iBeacon advertises (or other BLE peripherals around), and may even let you connect to them (in the 5-seconds "wakeup").


  • Did you make it happen? – Bright Lee Aug 26 '16 at 4:05

Yes, what you say is absolutely possible. As you point out, since you cannot access the beacon identifiers, you will not know which peripheral in the callback from scanForPeripheralsWithServices is the beacon that triggered the region entry event. But you can certainly scan for these devices for a brief time after your app is launched into the background by this event.

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