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Whenever I start my application in Android Studio I dont get any logcat messages.

If I switch over to the ADB log I can see this message being spammed a couple of times:

PropertyFetcher: AdbCommandRejectedException getting properties for device
xxxxxxxxxx: device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.

However, I have accepted this confirmation dialog. I have even revoked permissions and re-accepted them, with no result unfortunately.

This whole thing works flawlessly on any other device Ive tried on thus far.

Here's exactly what I see in Android Studio, where usually the app would be enlisted:

This is what shows up next to the logcat

Im getting quite desperate over here, any idea on what might be wrong?


  • I have developer mode on in the phone (tap build number etc).
  • Debuggable is set to true in the app
  • Tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers
  • Running Nexus 5 on L Preview, bootloader locked if that matters.


Running Windows 8.1

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  • Windows, MacOS or Linux? – Paul Ratazzi Nov 6 '14 at 20:15
  • @PaulRatazzi Windows 8.1 – zoltish Nov 6 '14 at 20:33