I am currently writing an app that needs to be able to play audio. As i want the audio to continue playing when the user leaves the app, i am using an IntentService to handle the play method.

My problem is that i need to be able to update the applications UI, such as a progress bar showing how much is remaining of the audio, using data from the intentservice.

I was just wondering what the best way of achieving this would be? I have googled this, but all the guides seem to be for AsyncTask or just standard services.

Thanks heaps to anyone who can help.

Cheers Corey


Use a Handler and Messenger class.

Someone already post a good answer here (its also use Handler and Messenger) :

How to Collect info from IntentService and Update Android UI

  • That was perfect. Thanks :) – Fishingfon Nov 8 '14 at 0:59

We can even use Local Broadcast for this purpose.Please refer below link.

How to Collect info from IntentService and Update Android UI

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    Most of your post is the same link as in the existing, upvoted and accepted answer. Please consider making your additional contribution more obvious. – Yunnosch Oct 23 '20 at 8:13

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