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I would like to implement windows style multi-selection:

when user holds CTRL key and selects several nodes of the tree. Dynatree (from here by default has checkboxes for node selection which my client doesn't seem to like.

My question is, is it possible to implement what I need using provided set of callbacks? also, curently, when I hold CTRL key and click on the node, it opens a new window. Is there any way to suppress this functionality? i am guess I would have to do through CSS?

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Have a look at the sample and source code here

The last example on that page uses the checkbox: false tree option to hide the checkboxes. The onClick handler calls dtnode.toggleSelection().

This could be replaced by something like

if not CTRL pressed:
    deselect all nodes
toggle selection

Desecting all nodes could be done like this:

tree.visit(function(dtnode) {;
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thank you! i will take a look. thanks for the great component, by the way. i love working with it. – sarsnake Apr 21 '10 at 16:34

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