Is there a way in locust.io to set the rate at which the requests will be sent? I am using locust to see how my database will perform under increased load. I am not interested in the max request rate the database can take but rather the performance of the database when it receives a specific rate. For example I want to see the latency of the read operations under a specific write load.


I think You need to set min_rate and max_rate at the same value:

class MyUser(MyLocustExtendedClass):
    host = "myhost"
    min_wait = __VALUE__
    max_wait = __VALUE__

It is not possible to set locust to a specific RPS, also check reply on this post: specifying RPS

But you can attempt to reach a specific number with using this formula:

rps = wait time X #_users

Change wait time in the Locust class and number of users

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