I'm using the following code to initialize jQuery DataTables:

var oTable = $('#qpidvulh_to-do_list').dataTable( {
    "columns": [
            "data": "item",
            "className": "editable"
} )

The issue with this code is that it adds the editable class to the th of each column, even though I only want it added to the td of each column.

How can I get the code to only add the editable class to the cells of each column and not their headers?

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Thanks to mainguy and markpsmith for posting their answers. I'll throw my own solution into the mix, but I'd still like to see what everyone thinks the best performing solution would be:

$('#qpidvulh_to-do_list thead th').removeClass('editable');

Why not simply use jquery?


Look here

Update: On second thought: It would be better to put this jquery snippet in the draw event of dataTables so it works too when pagination changes and the table is redrawn.

You can use fnRowCallback for this:

var oTable = $('#qpidvulh_to-do_list').dataTable( {
    "columns": [
            "data": "item"
    "fnRowCallback": function (nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex, iDisplayIndexFull) {
        $(nRow).children().each(function (index, td) {
"aoColumns":[null,{sClass:'editable'},null,null,{ "sClass": 'my_class other_class' }]
  • This unfortunately adds the classes to both the cells and the headers. – nonzaprej Sep 5 at 10:06

In my table I put the editable in the draw callback like this:

$('#table td.editable-class').editable();

and in the column defs I gave the editable cells a class. Here's an example:

var table = $('#blocks').dataTable({
  ajax: {
    url: ...
  columns: [
    { data: "column_data",    "name": "column1",   visible: false },
    { data: "editable_column", class: "editable another-class" }
  "drawCallback": function ( settings ) {

    $('#table td.editable').editable();

Hope that helps.

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