I need a way to add SIP headers when originating a call using an Asterisk callfile.

Is there any way to add SIP header in the call file?

I know I can accomplish this using Asterisk AGI, but I am not able to find any solution to add a SIP header using a call file.

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What you're looking for is Set: __SIPADDHEADER1=X-foo:bar

Make sure you increment the number, "N" at the end of __SIPADDHEADERN to 1, 2, ... 100 etc. You'll have trouble adding multiples otherwise

Here's a (granted, modified) example from a callfile I use to issue test calls to my platform:

Channel: SIP/foodevice/8025551212
Callerid: 8025551111 <some dude>
MaxRetries: 0
RetryTime: 60
WaitTime: 30
Context: testplan_origination
Set: __SIPADDHEADER1=X-testplan:testing1234

Note that the Context: line would allow you to also do this by entering into a dialplan context, and you can do what you may with the call from there, using @arheops suggestion.


PJSIP Channels

When using a PJSIP channel, using the function PJSIP_HEADER is available:

Channel: PJSIP/121
Application: Milliwatt
Set: PJSIP_HEADER(add,Alert-Info)=<urn:alert:service:normal>;appearance=4

You can dial via Local channel, via dialplan

No any issues add sip header in dialplan.


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