I'm trying to install Google Cloud Managed VM in Ubuntu according to this manuals: [1], [2]

I've installed Docker following the Docker installation guide.

Running Docker with: sudo docker -H tcp:// -d

I've created certificate keys according to the HTTPS Docker guide.

My environments variables:

  • DOCKER_HOST=tcp://:2376
  • DOCKER_CERT_PATH=/home/eyalev/ca

When I run gcloud preview app setup-managed-vms

I get an error:


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/eyalev/Software/google-cloud-sdk/./lib/googlecloudsdk/gcloud/gcloud.py",
 line 153, in <module> main()   File "/home/eyalev/Software/google-cloud-sdk/./lib/googlecloudsdk/gcloud/gcloud.py",
 line 149, in main _cli.Execute()   File "/home/eyalev/Software/google-cloud-sdk/./lib/googlecloudsdk/calliope/cli.py",
 line 381, in Execute post_run_hooks=self.__post_run_hooks, kwargs=kwargs)   File "/home/eyalev/Software/google-cloud-sdk/./lib/googlecloudsdk/calliope/frontend.py",
 line 274, in _Execute pre_run_hooks=pre_run_hooks, post_run_hooks=post_run_hooks)   File "/home/eyalev/Software/google-cloud-sdk/./lib/googlecloudsdk/calliope/backend.py",
 line 887, in Run result = command_instance.Run(args)   File "/home/eyalev/Software/google-cloud-sdk/lib/googlecloudsdk/appengine/app_commands/setup_managed_vms.py",
 line 37, in Run setup_registry.SetupRegistry()   File "/home/eyalev/Software/google-cloud-sdk/./lib/googlecloudsdk/appengine/lib/images/setup_registry.py",
 line 32, in SetupRegistry timeout=config.DOCKER_D_REQUEST_TIMEOUT)   File "/home/eyalev/Software/google-cloud-sdk/platform/google_appengine/google/appengine/tools/docker/containers.py",
 line 663, in NewDockerClient 'Couldn\'t connect to the docker daemon using the specified ' google.appengine.tools.docker.containers.DockerDaemonConnectionError:

Couldn't connect to the docker daemon using the specified environment
variables. Please check the environment variables DOCKER_HOST,
DOCKER_CERT_PATH and DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY are set correctly. If you are
using boot2docker, make sure you have run "$(boot2docker shellinit)"

Is there something I'm missing?


I finally got gcloud preview app setup-managed-vms to work on ubuntu. Here's what I had to do:

  1. get docker 1.3.0, not 1.3.1. sudo apt-get install docker.io installed and old version of docker on my machine, so I had to remove that first. But curl -sSL https://get.docker.com/ubuntu/ | sudo sh installs version 1.3.1, which also doesn't work. I replayed every line in the script at https://get.docker.com/ubuntu/ but I had to change the last line apt-get install -y lxc-docker to apt-get install -y lxc-docker-1.3.0 The official docs mention that app engine doesn't work with boot2docker 1.3.1, but I think they meant that it doesn't work with docker 1.3.1.

  2. I couldn't get to work as my host name. I had to use localhost when creating the ca and server certificates.

  3. I had to export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://localhost:2376 (note the use of localhost) along with DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY=1 and DOCKER_CERT_PATH=<path>

  4. I set DOCKER_OPTS in /etc/default/docker to "--tlsverify --tlscacert=<path>/ca.pem --tlscert=<path>/server-cert.pem --tlskey=<path>/server-key.pem -H="

gcloud preview app setup-managed-vms works now, but I haven't gotten gcloud preview app run for my go app to work yet.

  • stackoverflow.com/questions/26823017 was mentioned that Docker 1.3.2 should solve the problem Docker 1.3.1 had – Günter Zöchbauer Nov 25 '14 at 7:14
  • Did you have to do anything with permissions? I have to run all my cli commands with sudo and I expect the gcloud client may be having issues in that regard as well. – Jay Jan 20 '15 at 14:49

Not sure if this is gonna help, but you could try with a more explicit DOCKER_HOST:


I installed Docker 1.3.2 from unstable (Debian), added

DOCKER_OPTS="-d -H fd:// -H tcp://localhost:2375"

to /etc/default/docker, and set


to make it work.

This site contains information how to configure default Docker settings for CoreOS (systemd) https://coreos.com/docs/launching-containers/building/customizing-docker/

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