I need to generate HEX encoded CMAC-AES digest using Node.JS. I have found library from GitHub. I want to know how to call it? This is the part I want to do it in node.js. I want to pass key and message.

I imported this library into my node.js project. I want to know how to call this method aesCmac.

My index.js

var express = require('express');
var querystring = require('querystring');
var http = require('http');
var aesCmac = require('./lib/aes-cmac.js');

var app = express();

app.get('/aesCmac', aesCmac.aesCmac('xxxxxxxx' ,'LSCourse|0xxxxxxxx|103xxxxxxxx|xxxxx|xxxx.xxx.xx@xxx.com|2014-11-11T09:29:04Z'));

app.configure(function () {
    app.use(express.logger('dev')); /* 'default', 'short', 'tiny', 'dev' */


I got this error:

F:\NODE.JS\node-aes-cmac-master>node index.js
node-crypto : Invalid key length 32

  this._binding.initiv(cipher, toBuf(key), toBuf(iv));
Error: error:0607A082:digital envelope routines:EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_key_length:invalid key length
    at new Cipheriv (crypto.js:315:17)
    at Object.Cipheriv (crypto.js:313:12)
    at aes128 (F:\NODE.JS\node-aes-cmac-master\lib\aes-cmac.js:25:23)
    at Object.exports.generateSubkeys (F:\NODE.JS\node-aes-cmac-master\lib\aes-cmac.js:9:11)
    at Object.exports.aesCmac (F:\NODE.JS\node-aes-cmac-master\lib\aes-cmac.js:32:25)
    at Object.<anonymous> (F:\NODE.JS\node-aes-cmac-master\index.js:9:29)
    at Module._compile (module.js:456:26)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:474:10)
    at Module.load (module.js:356:32)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:312:12)

I am new to Node js.


The test file shows how it can be used. You can't simply plug aesCmac.aesCmac into app.get. You need to handle the request and send the response.

// some hex encoded 512bit key
var key = new Buffer('2b7e151628aed2a6abf7158809cf4f3c', 'hex');
var msg = new Buffer('LSCourse|0xxxxxxxx|103xxxxxxxx|xxxxx|xxxx.xxx.xx@xxx.com|2014-11-11T09:29:04Z');

app.get('/aesCmac', function(req, res){
  var result = aesCmac.aesCmac(key, msg);
  • Do we need to pass message inside Buffer method ? can't we pass directly? – Piraba Nov 11 '14 at 10:27
  • Yes, it must be a Buffer. – Artjom B. Nov 11 '14 at 10:33
  • it always generating & return same value. & this algorithm , doesn't much with http://developer.pearson.com/learningstudio/course-apis/authentication/oauth2/sample-code this one – Piraba Nov 11 '14 at 10:36
  • 1
    Sorry, I'm not familiar with oauth and can't help you there. Technically you didn't ask about oauth, but rather how to use that library. – Artjom B. Nov 11 '14 at 10:42

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