I would like to use the properties injection of command line Gradle to pass it an array, is this possible?

Something like this:

gradle build -PmyProp=['value1','value2','value3']

And access it like usual:

if(project.hasProperty('myProp')) {
    for ( prop in myProp ) {

Is this possible?


You cannot pass array as value of a property. However you can accept a comma separated string as value and split inside your gradle file.

if (project.hasProperty('myProp')) {
    project.properties['myProp'].split(',').each { 
        println it

Run as gradle build -PmyProp=value1,value2,value3

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    This is a solution that I opted for in similar situation, with a minor difference that makes it cleaner, or rather "groovier" - I used Groovy's tokenize method to split the parameters into a collection. – Sean Nov 11 '14 at 16:54

-Pmyprop=value always gives a String value. You'd have to parse that String and turn it into a collection. Typically it's better to model common sets of arguments in the build script (e.g. by having a separate task per set of arguments).

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