I am implementing one application gust i am adding validations in login page implemented then two fields required username and password button login i am applying validations then focus are not getting then set focus in unfilled edittext


 if(Username.contentEquals("")) {
    > Toast.makeText(LBS.this, "Please enter
    > username ",Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); 
    > } else { if( pwd.contentEquals("")) 
    > Toast.makeText(LBS.this, "Please enter
    > password ",Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
    > else
    >             try { ........................... }

not filling username then filling password then username entered some toast displayed fine focus are entered in username edittext this is the problem how can implemented focus in unfilled username

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You should be able to use requestFocus after you've come back from the Toast.

For example, if you've got an editText object called username, you SHOULD be able to add a line like username.requestFocus();

But I'm having some problem, right now, making that work just right. In my emulator, the edittext I specify appears to have focus (blinking cursor) but the next field also has a blinking cursor and is where the next key strokes go. So there may need to be some extra bit of code before/after the requestFocus call.


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