I'm using Spring Data's CrudRepository with mongodb and i have some issue to write a query which will select a document with specific subdocument value. Here's an example:

"_id" :,
"_class" :,
"matchHeader" : {
    "suspend" : {},
    "active" : true,
    "booked" : true,
    "eventId" : NumberLong(1009314492),
    "status" : ""
"matchInfo" : {



i need to select the document with specific eventId field in matchHeader subdocument. i tried to write a function like this findByMatchHeaderEventId(id) but it doesn't helped at all.how can i achieve that?


Property traversal for nested properties is explained in The Spring Data MongoDB Reference Documentation.

You need to properly define your domain object class (constructor/getters/setters omitted):

public class MyDocument {
  private String id;
  private MatchHeader matchHeader;
  private MatchInfo matchInfo;

public class MatchHeader {
  private Map<,> suspend;
  private boolean active;
  private boolean booked;
  private Long eventId;
  private String status;

and your repository class

public interface MyDocumentController extends MongoRepository<MyDocument, String> {
  public List<MyDocument> findByMatchHeaderEventId(Long id);

Otherwise you can try the findByMatchHeader_EventId suggested in another answer.




instead of


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