I have just started learning php and came across this code

public function __construct(Enviroment $enviroment) {

//blah blah 


In this code whats the Environment before the environment variable. Searched on google a lot but didnt find anything. Can anyone help me with this and give some link which i can refer and understand more about this. Thanks in advance


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This is called Type Hinting in PHP: http://php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.typehinting.php

The constructor expects $environment to be an Object of class Environment.


the Enviroment setted as your code states that the required parameter to launch the __construct is a variable of a determinate Class, you can find more info on php.net -> http://php.net/manual/it/language.oop5.typehinting.php


$enviroment is an object and Enviroment is a methode of this objects.

It allows him to accept the argument that an object after this method.

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