I am using a text editor which uses shortcut
which is default key for switching workspaces in fedora 20. So i need to change the shortcut key to make it work in text editor. I changed the shortcut from Settings>Keyboard>Shortcutsbut still ctrl+alt+arrowup/down switches workspace. So how do i remove the shortcut key to make it work in my text editor? enter image description here


Open dconf-editor, in the left pane navigate to org > gnome > desktop > wm > keybindings. Then in the right pane scroll down until you see the two keys:
switch-to-workspace-down and switch-to-workspace-up:

enter image description here

Click on each key value to edit the shortcuts (so you end up with e.g. ['<Super>Page_Down'] and ['<Super>Page_Up'] respectively).
Restart your session.

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