I am working on web application project in Spring Hibernate MVC. I am storing encoded passwords in a database using Bcrypt algorithm in Spring security.

Now I want to get that encoded password to be decoded to deactivate a use account where in I am giving user email and password to verify before user deactivate the account. I have a problem in getting the decoded password.

Can anyone help me to get out of it or any alternate solution for my requirement?


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The problem is solved by using below code:

BCryptPasswordEncoder encoder = new BCryptPasswordEncoder();  
encoder.matches(password, user.getPassword());  

password - from form(JSP)
user.getPassword() - from database

BCryptPasswordEncoder encoder = new BCryptPasswordEncoder();
if(email.equalsIgnoreCase(user.getEmail()) && encoder.matches(password, user.getPassword())) {
    redirectAttributes.addFlashAttribute("successmsg", "Your account has been deactivated successfully.");
    redirectAttributes.addFlashAttribute("errormsg", "Email or Password is incorrect");
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    Just to be clear - this doesn't actually decode the encoded password as implied by the question. Per the Spring docs, BCryptPasswordEncoder.matches() verifies the encoded password obtained from storage matches the submitted raw password after it too is encoded.
    – Shaggy
    Sep 2, 2016 at 12:42
BCryptPasswordEncoder bcrypt = new BCryptPasswordEncoder();  
boolean isPasswordMatches = bcrypt.matches(userenteredpasswordWithotEncryoted, encryptedPasswordFromDb);


boolean isPasswordMatches = bcrypt.matches(

if (isPasswordMatches) { // correct password
} else { // Wrong Password

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