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I cannot get rid of white paddings/margins in combobox popup. I have two custom containers in designer called DropdownItem and DropdownItemSelected, Fisheye renderer type for ComboBox renderer. As you may see in combobox selected item is displayed just fine. However, in I cannot get combobox popup displayed without white paddings. I have actually used PopupContentPane to add blue border around popup, I also have border set to empty, all margins/paddings set to 0 for following UIIDs: PopupItem, PopupFocus, DropdownItem and DropdownItemSelected. PopupContentPane has also all paddings/margins set to 0. Also see my contants:

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I went through source code and cannot find any other useful UIID I can style in order to remove these white paddings. Can someone help me with this?


Might be helpful - see below how popup looks like when PopupContentPane border sickness is set to 2px:

enter image description here

Update 2:

Almost there. After setting listItemGapInt constant to 0 I managed to remove gaps between list items. See screenshot below.

enter image description here

I still cannot find out how to remove 2 pixel gap on the right and don't know where it's coming from. Would appreciate any thoughts/ideas.

Update 3:

I eventually found where two pixels are coming from.

com.codename1.ui.ComboBox class, lines 289-290

289 int listW = Math.max(getWidth() , l.getPreferredW());
290 listW = Math.min(listW + getUIManager().getLookAndFeel().getVerticalScrollWidth(), 

In my particular case, listW=630px and in line 290 listW is recalculated as Math.min(630 + 2, 768), where 2px is width of vertical scroll.

As far as can say, scroll bar should be a part ComboBox popup.


I managed to remove unwanted gaps. As I mentioned in 'update 2', listItemGapInt should be set to 0 in order to remove horizontal gaps.

Vertical gap was related to scroll bar however it was not clear that it's a vertical scroll bar that creates that gap. After I set paddings to 0 for Scroll UIID, vertical gap has gone.

enter image description here


In regard to update 3, this is a bug but not because it should be in the container. The list is scrollable so this should be a part of the list however the call should be to l.getSideGap() and not to getVerticalScrollWidth().

This will allow you to hide that by setting the scroll bars to visible false etc. We'll fix that for the next update.

  • Thanks for explanation. Fortunately Codename One is open-source and can debug down pretty much any problem ) – ruruskyi Nov 14 '14 at 11:54

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