I've installed an OpenType font on my development machine expecting to then be able to choose that font for a label on a form.

The font is available in MS Word so I'm reasonably confident it was installed ok, but I can't see the font in the font-picker dialog for the label in Visual Studio. I also checked the font settings in Tools > Options and it isn't there either. Running the code from this answer doesn't list the font. I've tried restarting VS.Net.

What else can I do to make this font show up in Visual Studio?

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GDI+ doesn't support OpenType, only TrueType.

If you haven't tried restarting Visual Studio yet, I'd give that a try.

Assuming you did that already, is the font listed in c:\windows\fonts\ okay? If it is, you might want to try removing it and then re-installing that font via the File > Install New Font... menu when you've got that window open.

Just some ideas and things to try. Hope it helps!

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