Using Mercury 14.01.1 on Ubuntu 14.04. Have installed four grades, including debugging grades, from source code. Tried each of the following without success (files/directories missing)

$ mmc --debug filename

$ mmc --decl-debug filename

Q. What should I have typed instead?

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Mercury is less than user-friendly when it comes to compilation grades. Your installation will be configured to use a default grade, for example hlc.gc. However when you give the --debug option it simply adds .debug onto this grade string (hlc.gc.debug) rather than choosing the most appropriate debug grade (such as asm_fast.gc.debug). Depending on the debugging grade that you've installed I suggest typing:

mmc --grade <my debug grade> --make my_program

To explicitly specify the grade you want to use. Note also that --make is required to build a whole program or library, without --make mmc will only compile a single file which is usually not what you want. I hope this helps, if you're still having trouble you can write to users@mercurylang.org


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