I have looked into the documentation for GRANT Found here and I was trying to see if there is a built-in function that can let me look at what level of accessibility I have in databases. Of course there is:

\dp and \dp mytablename

But this does not show what my account has access to. I would like to see ALL the tables I have access to. Can anyone tell me if there is a command that can check my level of access in Postgres (whether I have SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE privileges)? And if so, what would that command be?

  • \du?, or query the grants table in information_schema directly. – Marc B Nov 13 '14 at 20:14
  • Thanks, that what I was looking for. – ryekayo Nov 13 '14 at 20:15

You could query the table_privileges table in the information schema:

SELECT table_catalog, table_schema, table_name, privilege_type
FROM   information_schema.table_privileges 
WHERE  grantee = 'MY_USER'

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