I used to have Visual Studio Express installed on my laptop, which worked well, but when I heard Community 2013 was made available for free I decided to install it. However, after running the install process I got the error:

Failed to add current user to Hyper-V administrators group

The account I am using is an admin account. When I checked for solutions I found many people indicating I had to Microsoft Management Console and add myself to the group, however this laptop has Windows 8.1 Core, not pro, so I cannot add the snapin. So I am not really sure what to do in this situation. Do I need to reinstall, running it as admin? Or will I get the same error again?

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Try net localgroup "Hyper-V Administrators" <username> /add

in an elevated command prompt

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    Should that group exist already? Is it supposed to be created by the installation? The command above results in System error 1376 has occurred. The specified local group does not exist. Jul 2, 2015 at 20:45
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    @RobertGroves, did you find a solution?
    – Kala J
    Mar 30, 2016 at 18:39
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    User groups are both case sensitive as well as localized (depending on system installation). To find the correct spelling and casing, type net localgroup for a list of local groups available in the system. Sep 1, 2016 at 9:29

It's case sensitive apparently:

Try net localgroup "Hyper-V Administrators" /add


For me below steps worked with me

preflight checks can all be individually disabled. For the HyperV check you can use:

minishift config set skip-check-hyperv-driver true

If you prefer the check to happen, but not fail startup, you can use the warn option instead:

minishift config set warn-check-hyperv-driver true

Please check the right name of Hyper-V Administrators group. The group name may be different in the different locales.

Open the window Windows+R -> lusrmgr.msc in this window you may check all groups in your system and use command

net localgroup "<Hyper-V group name>" <username> /add

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