So, I have a shopping cart class I keep saved in session until the purchase is completed and I need to be able to upload a file into the cart (don't ask why, long story) once the purchase is finished, I dump all that information into a class that is saved in the DB.

I've used Carrierwave quite a lot and I didn't have any issues so far, but when I tried to mount an uploader into it I got

undefined method `mount_uploader' for Cart:Class

The question is, is it possible to mount an uploader into a class that doesn't inherit ActiveRecord:Base or am I having another issue altogether? I haven't been able to make it work so I don't want to waste more time if that's the issue.


If you have model that isn't a subclass of ActiveRecord::Base you will get that exception:

undefined method `mount_uploader' for Derp:Class

Happily, you can use mount_uploader if your class extends the CarrierWave::Mount module AND that class has a save method that calls the instance method store_(mounted_field)!

In summary, the ActiveRecord::Base-less class will look something like

class Derp
    extend CarrierWave::Mount
    attr_accessor :name, :image
    mount_uploader :image, ImageUploader

    def save
  • after doing that i get this error 'undefined method `model_name' for LogoUploader:Class' on my view. – roxdurazo Jun 13 '18 at 19:46

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