Alright the other day I lost a lot of the days work after I didn't save before compact and repaired. I come in today and open my computer and, magically my work is back somehow? However, now when I try to execute any code that involves me opening another form I get this error "File Not Found:". I can manually open my forums and use the code inside them that doesn't affect other forms, not really sure what the issue is here. Let me know your idea and thoughts. I'm curious if anyone else has received this mysterious error and how they handled it.

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    I think a decompile/compile approach can be used to solve this scenario sometimes. Check out this great answer – Mark C. Nov 14 '14 at 14:56
  • It had been years since I got that message - usually because of importing a form or report that contained code from another database (think was either Access 2000 or 2002). Back then the solution was to always open the one of the object's code window after importing. Got the error today, tried C&R with no luck, then tried to import everything into an empty database, but still got same error. Set that aside, then saw this post so tried the decompile. It failed with many errors, BUT I was able to decompile the new database I created earlier, so that helped me. – Wayne G. Dunn Nov 16 '14 at 20:51

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