This is what my code currently looks like:

var physicianList = [];

function map(doc){
    if(doc.PhysicianKey && doc.PhysicianName){
        emit(doc.PhysicianKey, doc.PhysicianName);

dbPhysicianList.query({map: map}, function(error, response){ 
        angular.forEach(response.rows, function(physician){
    }}, {include_docs: true});

    return deferred.promise;

As you can see, in my map function I'm logging out doc.PhysicianName, and when I do this, they are being logged out in alphabetical order. However, they are getting pushed into the physicianList array in non-alphabetical order, I think by ID order. I would like the final output to be alphabetically ordered in that physicianList array.

For what it's worth, I'm using PouchDB, but I believe the querying is supposed to work exactly like CouchDB.


I didn't realize the order of variables of your emit() was the ordering of the result set (I'm a major newbie).

I ended up doing this:

function map(doc){
    emit({physicianName: doc.PhysicianName, physicianKey: doc.PhysicianKey} );

And it worked exactly as desired (ordered alphabetically by doc.physicianName).

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    you could also do emit([doc.PhysicianName, doc.PhysicianKey]) and I believe it would work the same, using a slightly smaller index on disk. – nlawson Nov 15 '14 at 1:54

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