What does RGFormsModel:: mean in Gravity forms? it notice that it's seems to always be calling function, but I'm just looking for a litte more clarification as a lot of documentation on GForms is very basic.

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the RGFormsModel class (deprecated in favor of GFFormsModel) is a simple class wrapper that contains a variety of functions used to interact with the forms. This class is in the process of being mostly gutted in favor of the GFAPI class which has a host of helpful functions when working with Gravity Forms.

Here is an example where I'm getting the form data where all the form and field settings are stored.

// old version
$form = GFFormsModel::get_form_meta( $form_id );

// new version
$form = GFAPI::get_form( $form_id );

Another useful function I use from the GFFormsModel class (same as RGFormsModel), is:

$input_type = GFFormsModel::get_input_type( $field );

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