The background of this question is as follows

I have mp3s stored in Azure cloud storage blobs, im trying to use jplayer to stream them to users (which works) however im finding the results inconsistent and jplayer just stops working when trying to seek

My research leads me to believes that azure blob storage is unseekable and therefore incompatible with browser media stream functionality, which maybe the cause of the inconsistent results im getting with jplayer

So i'm now wondering if its feasible to use Azure media services, to stream the mp3s i have in blobs

I know Azure media services has a lot of focus on encoding media, however im not sure if i need encoding to solve my problem with seek-ability

So my question is, is Azure Media Services a good fit for what i'm trying to achieve, and if so, do i need to invoke the media service encoding functionality to make media streaming work seamlessly across browsers, ie like sound cloud does

Any help would be appreciated and ill mark accordingly thanks


It seems by changing my blob storage account to the latest version (via code) has seemingly fixed the streaming problem i was seeing in jplayer and may not need media services at all

var credentials = new StorageCredentials("accountname", "accountkey");
var account = new CloudStorageAccount(credentials, true);
var client = account.CreateCloudBlobClient();
var properties = client.GetServiceProperties();
properties.DefaultServiceVersion = "2013-08-15";

However if someone answers the question directly ill mark accordingly

  • I updated properties to 2015-02-21, yet I can't stream my MP3 file using audio tag. – Saeed Neamati Jul 3 '16 at 8:11

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