I have a grunt configuration which currently have watch and compass modules configured. But when i update any scss file, I am getting message:

Running "compass:dist" (compass) task

and nothing happens from that point. Files will not be compiled. It seems like very slow build. I waited for 10 mins and nothing happens. No errors.

If run with -v -d will get: Running "compass" task [D] Task source: /home/[mypath]/node_modules/grunt-contrib-compass/tasks/compass.js

Running "compass:dist" (compass) task [D] Task source: /home/[mypath]/node_modules/grunt-contrib-compass/tasks/compass.js Verifying property compass.dist exists in config...OK File: [no files] Options: force, trace, sassDir="assets/stylesheets", cssDir="../../[path/to/build]"

If I run the "grunt watch" and update any style I will get: File "assets/stylesheets/style.scss" changed. but after that will get endless Running "compass:dist" (compass) task again.

Gruntfile.js code:


    themeDir: "../../[path/to/build]",
    assetsDir: "assets",
    scriptsDir: "<%= assetsDir %>/javascripts",
    stylesDir: "<%= assetsDir %>/stylesheets",

    watch: {
        options: {
            livereload: false

        compass: {
            files: ['<%= stylesDir %>/**/*.{scss,sass}'],
            tasks: ['compass']

    // compass and scss
    compass: {
        dist: { // Target
            options: {
                force: true,
                trace: true,
                sassDir: '<%= stylesDir %>',
                cssDir: '<%= themeDir %>'

UPDATE Used versions is: ruby 1.9.3 compass 1.0.1 node 0.10.33 grunt 0.4.5


The problem was because of the ruby version. After updating to version 2 everything works now.

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