I need to delete a photo from an Album so I think I need 2 parameter on Routing but I get some error please give me solution or another way to delete a photo from an album

here's my Routes.php :

Route::get('/admin/album/{albumid}/{id}/delete-photo', array(
    'as' => 'admin-photo-delete',
    'uses' => 'GalleryController@deletePhoto'

and call a function deletePhoto on GalleryController, here's GalleryController :

public function deletePhoto($albumID,$photoID){
$photo = Album::find($albumID)->photo()->where('id','=',$photoID)->get();
    return Redirect::route('admin-gallery')->with('message','Photo was deleted successfully');
return Redirect::route('admin-gallery')->with('message','Photo delete failed');}

and here how I call route :

 <a href="{{URL::route('admin-photo-delete',$id,$photo->id)}}">Delete Photo</a>

I already make sure that $id and $photo->id was not null but see what url showing there's no second parameter value so I get some error: enter image description here

  • In the URL there is 2 backslashes before 'delete-photo'
    – JMc
    Nov 17, 2014 at 19:08

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In URL::route, you should use an array as the second parameter, like this:

<a href="{{URL::route('admin-photo-delete', [$id, $photo->id] )}}">Delete Photo</a>

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