I'm trying to create the following element nodetree:

    <v:cp v:nameU="Cost">


newCustprop = document.createElement("v:custProps");
newcp = document.createElement("v:cp");
newcp.setAttribute("v:nameU", "Cost");

However, document.createElement("v:custProps") generates <v:custprops> as opposed to <v:custProps>. Is there anyway to escape this parsing?

Edit 1:

I'm currently reading this article on nodename case sensitivity. It's slightly irrelevant to my problem though because my code is unparsed with <![CDATA]]> and I'd rather not use .innerHTML.


You need to use createElementNS()/setAttributeNS() and provide the namespace, not only the alias/prefix. The example uses urn:v as namespace.

var xmlns_v = "urn:v";
var newCustprop = document.createElementNS(xmlns_v, "v:custProps");
var newcp = document.createElementNS(xmlns_v, "v:cp");
newcp.setAttributeNS(xmlns_v, "v:nameU", "Cost");

var xml = (new XMLSerializer).serializeToString(newCustprop);


<v:custProps xmlns:v="urn:v"><v:cp v:nameU="Cost"/></v:custProps>

It's not recommended to use document.createElement for qualified names. See if the document.createElementNS can better serve your purposes.

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    .createElementNS lacks the namespace for XML elements it seems .. I've tested it and the Javascript generated returns an case insensitive result. – Xenyal Nov 17 '14 at 20:56

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