I'm very new to RoR and I'm having trouble understanding how to properly setup and use Heroku Postgres with my Rails 4.1.4 application. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS.

I want to have local PostgreSQL databases for development and test, and a Heroku Postgres database for production.

Here is what I've reached so far:

  • I setup PostgreSQL by following heroku official doc here
  • I installed the pg gem
  • I changed my config/database.yml file:

    default: &default
      adapter: postgresql
      encoding: unicode
      pool: 5
      timeout: 5000
      username: franklin
      <<: *default
      database: myapp_development
      <<: *default
      database: myapp_test
      url: <%= ENV["DATABASE_URL"] %>

    I know from here that Heroku no longer overwrites config/database.yml for Rails 4.1.x applications and that I should (must?) specify DATABASE_URL in the production entry.

  • I ran rake db:create:all which created my local development and test databases, and then rake db:migrate

  • I git commit changes and then push my app to Heroku with git push heroku master
  • I ran heroku run rake db:migrate and get the following message: Running rake db:migrate attached to terminal... up, run.1227 (I'm not sure what that means?)
  • I finally ran heroku restart

Then, when I connect to my development database, I can see the new table created by the rake db:migrate command, as well as its new data (form submission) I purposely created by running my app in localhost:3000. I get fully expected behavior.

But when I connect to my Heroku Postgres production database, the new table that should have been created by the heroku run rake db:migrate command doesn't exist. And my Heroku app doesn't crash when I add data to the nonexistent table (form submission).

Here are my questions:

  1. Is my production entry properly configured in config/database.yml?
  2. How do I correctly run migration to my Heroku Postgres production database?
  3. Where does data from my Heroku app go if not in the table?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


You need to go to https://postgres.heroku.com/databases

There find the database of your app and you'll find the appropriate keys for your database. You can upload these as config variables and load them into your database.yml

Look into figaro for an easier way to handle your config variables.

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