I have a dictionary containing UIColor objects hashed by an enum value, ColorScheme:

var colorsForColorScheme: [ColorScheme : UIColor] = ...

I would like to be able to extract an array of all the colors (the values) contained by this dictionary. I thought I could use the values property, as is used when iterating over dictionary values (for value in dictionary.values {...}), but this returns an error:

let colors: [UIColor] = colorsForColorSchemes.values
'LazyBidrectionalCollection<MapCollectionView<Dictionary<ColorScheme, UIColor>, UIColor>>' is not convertible to 'UIColor'

It seems that rather than returning an Array of values, the values method returns a more abstract collection type. Is there a way to get an Array containing the dictionary's values without extracting them in a for-in loop?

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    Swift 5: colorsForColorSchemes.values – Juan Boero Apr 23 at 17:22

As of Swift 2.0, Dictionary’s values property now returns a LazyMapCollection instead of a LazyBidirectionalCollection. The Array type knows how to initialise itself using this abstract collection type:

let colors = Array(colorsForColorSchemes.values)

Swift's type inference already knows that these values are UIColor objects, so no type casting is required, which is nice!

  • you can also cast it as an array with typed objects as well. works great! thanks let colors = [CustomColorObject](colorsForColorSchemes.values) – bolnad Jul 27 '15 at 19:03
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    It looks like in Swift 2.0, Dictionary.values now return a LazyMapCollection as opposed to a LazyBidirectionalCollection. Unfortunately, .array isn't defined on a LazyMapCollection. However, the Array(dictionary.values) way still works fine as the array types knows how to initialize itself from a LazyMapCollection. – Tod Cunningham Sep 26 '15 at 4:58
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    Do note that the order of the values might be unexpected. For example [0: "small", 1: "medium", 2: "large"] will probably NOT generate ["small", "medium", "large"] – Simon Bengtsson Jul 13 '16 at 22:51

You can map dictionary to an array of values:

let colors = colorsForColorScheme.map { $0.1 }

Closure takes a key-value tuple from dictionary and returns just a value. So, map function produces an array of values.

More readable version of the same code:

let colors = colorsForColorScheme.map { (scheme, color) in
    return color


From Xcode 9.0, dictionary values can be accessed using values property, which conforms to Collection protocol:

let colors = colorsForColorScheme.values
  • But actually this is readable way to get array let colors = Array(colorsForColorScheme.values) – Renetik Mar 6 at 3:02
  • love this solution – Navy Seal Jul 26 at 14:41

Use colorsForColorScheme.map({$0.value})


you can create an extension on LazyMapCollection

public extension LazyMapCollection  {

    func toArray() -> [Element]{
        return Array(self)

colorsForColorSchemes.values.toArray() or colorsForColorSchemes.keys.toArray()

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