I'm struggling with a pattern pulling inventory vars in Ansible templates, please help. :)

I'm setting up a monitoring server, and I want to be able to automatically provision the servers using Ansible. I'm struggling with loops in the template to allow me to this.

My semi-working soluition so far is in the playbook that calls the template task I have:


         - {cname: web1, ip_address:}
         - {cname: web2, ip_address:}
         - {cname: db1, ip_address:}
         - {cname: db2, ip_address:}


all_hosts += [
           {% for host in servers_to_monitor %}
                   "{{ host.cname }}{{ host.ip }}|cmk-agent|prod|lan|tcp|wato|/" + FOLDER_PATH + "/",
           {% endfor %}

But this isn't ideal as I can't define different IP address for different servers to be monitoring. How have other people done this? I'm sure it must be trivial but my brain's struggling with the syntax.



edit: To clarify the resulting template looks something like this:

all_hosts += [
                        "web1|cmk-agent|prod|lan|tcp|wato|/" + FOLDER_PATH + "/",
                        "web2|cmk-agent|prod|lan|tcp|wato|/" + FOLDER_PATH + "/",
                        "db1|cmk-agent|prod|lan|tcp|wato|/" + FOLDER_PATH + "/",
                        "db2|cmk-agent|prod|lan|tcp|wato|/" + FOLDER_PATH + "/",

What I would like is the values web1/web2/db1/db2 to be different depending on whether I'm using a production inventory file or a development inventory file.

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    Could you add what you want the actual result to be? Nov 18 '14 at 8:45
  • Thanks Ramon, added an edit to clarify :) Nov 18 '14 at 8:48
  • I've kind of managed to work around it now by creating two group_var dirs monitor-dev and monitor-pub then having the playing book use the role all, and the inventory file for production calling the specific group vars. Doesn't seem quite right though :) Nov 18 '14 at 9:01
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    Could you clarify a bit ? You say "I'm setting up a monitoring server", then "different IP address for different monitoring servers" Although it might not matter much, how many servers are you setting up ?. Also, I don't see IPs in the resulting syntax you present. This is a bit confusing. Where do you need IP addresses ?
    – leucos
    Nov 18 '14 at 10:07
  • Sorry, I'm an idiot :) I've updated the question Nov 18 '14 at 10:14

Ideally you would be using different inventory files for production and staging, which would allow you to keep the same {{ inventory_hostname }} value, but target different machines.

You can also loop through different groups...





- name: play that sets a group to loop over
    servers_to_monitor: "{{ groups['db'] }}"

    - template:
      src: set-vars.j2
      dest: set-vars.js


all_hosts += [
{% for host in servers_to_monitor %}
  "{{ hostvars[host].inventory_hostname }}{{ hostvars[host].ansible_default_ipv4.address }}|cmk-agent|prod|lan|tcp|wato|/" + FOLDER_PATH + "/",
{% endfor %}

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