It seems that Laravel 5 by default applies the CSRF filter to all non-get requests. This is OK for a form POST, but might be a problem to an API that POSTs DELETEs etc.

Simple Question:

How can I set a POST route with no CSRF protection?

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    That means the protection is removed. Better pass the token as part of the API calls. (I know this it's an old question, just warning new visitors) – Kwebble Jun 14 '17 at 15:16

Go to app/Http/Middleware/VerifyCsrfToken.php and then enter your routes(for which you want to disable csrf token) in the $except array.

for example:

class VerifyCsrfToken extends BaseVerifier

    protected $except = [



You can exclude URIs from CSRF by simply adding them to the $except property of the VerifyCsrfToken middleware (app/Http/Middleware/VerifyCsrfToken.php):


namespace App\Http\Middleware;

use Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Middleware\VerifyCsrfToken as BaseVerifier;

class VerifyCsrfToken extends BaseVerifier
     * The URIs that should be excluded from CSRF verification.
     * @var array
    protected $except = [


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    I used the same way to prevent CSRF Token protection on API calls – Dmytro Medvid May 12 '16 at 12:58

My hack to the problem:

CSRF is now a "middleware" registered globally in App\Http\Kernel.php. Removing it will default to no CSRF protection (Laravel4 behavior).

To enable it in a route:

  1. Create a short-hand key in your app/Providers/RouteServiceProvider.php :

    protected $middleware = [
      // ....
      'csrf'  => 'Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Middleware\VerifyCsrfToken',
  2. You can now enable it to any Route:

    $router->post('url', ['middleware' => 'csrf', function() {

Not the most elegant solution IMO...

just listen to this. Just before 30 minute i was facing this same problem. Now it solved. just try this.

Goto App -> HTTP-> Kernel

open the kernel file.

there you can see : \App\Http\Middleware\VerifyCsrfToken::class,

just disable this particular code using //

Thatz it! This will work!

So that you can remove the middleware from the API calling (if you want so..)

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