I have some problems with the application that I'm woking on. At some point the user makes a phone call, and if it uses an iPhone the call will be made otherwise a message will be displayed when it uses other device.The problem is that on iOS 8 (all versions) a non-iPhone device can actually make a phone call.

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] canOpenURL:[NSURL URLWithString:phoneNumberToCall]]

I use this method to check if the phone call can be made and the method returns true on non-Iphone device with iOS 8, but works perfect on previous versions of iOS(6-7.1). Any idea how it could be solved or why is this happening?


Every iOS 8 device has the FaceTime App which now provides the power to call anyone your iPhone can call.

It's called continuity

The user has to allow this on his iPhone in Settings.app under "FaceTime" -> "iPhone Cellular Calls"


Same question here : iPod Touch canOpenURL of type tel://

It seems that on iOS 8 you can make wireless calls, and that's why that method returns true.

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