I'm using a script for showing a tag-cloud from here.

var word_list = getTags();

<div id='example'></div>

I'm loading the tags dynamically from different sources by clicking on a button. The first time it shows the the tags properly, but the next time it "adds them up" to the tags that are already there. I need to clear or refresh the tag-cloud somehow, I tried this:


and there was no luck.

Is there a way to do it at all?


You may try using this:


The .val method is primarily used to get or set the values of form elements such as input, select and textarea. It won't set the value of the div as you are trying to.


You can use jQuery empty() to remove all child nodes from your div and then call $("#example").jQCloud(word_list); again so that you can fill it up with new ones


  • I had to call $('#example').empty() followed by $('#example').jQCloud('destroy'); so that I could regenerate the word cloud successfully. – Kevin Lee Jan 6 '16 at 3:48

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