While programming a Meteor complex application it would be useful to track / analyze / sniff the DDP traffic in order optimize it and make the app fast and efficient. For example it would be very interesting to see the publications and methods calls flow.

In this situation what tools could be used?

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There's also a Chrome Devtools extension for monitoring DDP traffic - https://github.com/thebakeryio/meteor-ddp-monitor

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DDP is just JSON over WebSockets (or an emulation of it). You can simply use Dev Tools network tab to sniff out the messages.


Adding kadira would be the best solution to monitor and optimize publish/subscribe, method call and ddp in Meteor apps.


meteor add meteorhacks:kadira

Read the Getting started guide to learn more about kadira.

If you want to analyze only the ddp you can use ddp-analyzer.

npm install -g ddp-analyzer


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