The Kentico 8.1 installer plops out the proprietary Kentico solution structure with its 11,700+ files and 1,900+ folders, and three .csproj projects whose files overlap in the same directory structure. I noticed that a few files aren't included in any of those three projects:

  • \App_Themes\Default\Bootstrap\close.less
  • \App_Themes\Default\CMSComponents\mass-actions.less
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\CMSPlugins\images\InsertImageAttachment.png
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\enterkey\samples\enterkey.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforflash.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforhtml.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforflash\outputforflash.fla
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforflash\outputforflash.swf
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\htmlwriter\samples\assets\outputforflash\swfobject.js
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\sharedspace\samples\sharedspace.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\sourcedialog\samples\sourcedialog.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\toolbar\samples\toolbar.html
  • \CMSAdminControls\CKeditor\plugins\wysiwygarea\samples\fullpage.html
  • \CMSModules\Content\Controls\MassActions.ascx.designer.cs
  • \CMSResources\CMS.cs-cz.resx
  • \CMSResources\CMS.sk-sk.resx
  • \CMSScripts\Vendor\jQuery\jquery-1.11.0-amd.js
  • \Old_App_Code\CMSModules\OnlineMarketing\OnlineMarketingLoader.cs

Which of these should be added to the project? Which should be omitted? Which can be deleted?

  • I got a reply from a Kentico developer on Kentico's own forums about OnlineMarketingLoader.cs: "The file is not important and will be removed in the future versions. Do not add it into the project."
    – Bryan
    Nov 19, 2014 at 16:05

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It should be safe to remove all mentioned files, here are some remarks:

  • *.less - you need only the generated *.css files
  • ckeditor\plugins* - seem to be leftovers after upgrading CK editor. they don't seem to be referenced anywhere
  • MassActions.ascx.designer.cs - not used anymore
  • CMSResources* - localization files can be installed later using Kentico Installer if needed
  • jquery-1.11.0-amd.js - don't think it is used
  • OnlineMarketingLoader.cs - will be removed as you wrote in your comment

However, there is no reason to delete the files at all.

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