so I'm attempting to add some Swift classes to my existing ObjC codebase. However, now I'm running into a weird issue:

I created my ProjectName-Bridging-Header.h and have been importing my ObjC header files as I need them in my new .swift files. I have a nested .xcodeproj inside my project and upon attempting to expose a class from that nested project to Swift via my bridging header, Xcode stops auto-completion.

Funny thing is, I can still run the app without problems:

let myObj = Object()
println(myObj) //returns <Object: 0x7abde160>

when typing myObj Xcode auto-complete shows me <<error type>>. I have tried the common suggestions, removing ModuleCache folder and all.. Nothing helped.

Anybody experience the same issue ?

  • I have had this problem but don't recall what I did to fix it. I wonder if the order of the .h files in your bridging header has something to do with it. – Mike Taverne Nov 20 '14 at 4:40
  • @MikeTaverne just tried, no luck.. I managed to get code-completion to work by doing '#import <subproj/Object.h>' -- however that gives me "duplicate interface definition" errors at build time :( – opfeffer Nov 20 '14 at 4:51

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